DMATS Planning Documents

DMATS Planning Documents

Below are the various DMATS planning documents, and are available to download in PDF format:


Title VI: Affirmative Action Program


Dubuque’s Path Forward to Improved Air Quality
The plan details the area’s efforts to reduce levels of NOx and VOCs thereby reducing PM 2.5 in the area. 
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Dubuque Intelligent Transportation System Plan
The ITS plan provides a strategy for the application and integration of new and/or enhanced opportunities for the implementation of ITS applications with in Dubuque and surrounding areas. 
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Passenger Transportation Plan (PTP)
The Passenger Transportation Plan is an annually updated document that outlines existing service, identifies gaps in service, and proposes projects to fil those gaps.
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DMATS Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
A long-range transportation plan focuses on transportation related issues in a specific area over a 20-year period. This plan is required by federal law and is designed to provide a view of the current transportation trends in the area as well as to aid in projecting potential changes for the area into the future.


DMATS Public Involvement Plan (PIP)
DMATS Public Involvement Plan was developed due to a need for proactive citizen involvement in the Dubuque Metro Area Transportation Study (DMATS).
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DMATS-Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
A Transportation Improvement Program is the Regional Planning Affiliation 4-year financial implementation program listing of transportation improvement projects eligible for Federal funding.

2022-2025 Amended

2021-2024 Amended
2020-2023 Handout



Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP)
The Transportation Planning Work Program outlines various transportation planning activities to be conducted by the East Central Intergovernmental Association.
FY2023 Draft

Tri-State Area Integrated Walking, Bicycling and Hiking Network Plan
The Tri-State Area Integrated Walking, Bicycling and Hiking Network Plan identifies existing network needs and recommends projects that will further enhance and improve the conditions for walkers, bikers and hikers within the Tri-State area.
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DMATS-RPA Regional ITS Architecture Report
The DMATS and RPA 8 Regional ITS Architecture is a roadmap for transportation systems deployment and integration in the Dubuque metro area and the adjacent six counties (Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson, Jo Daviess, and Grant).
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