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DeWitt Comprehensive Plan
The City of DeWitt is working on creating a new comprehensive plan that will help guide the future of the community. The comprehensive plan presents a vision for the future of the city with long-range recommendations for all activities that affect the growth and development of the community. Topics addressed in the comprehensive plan will include housing, economic development, transportation, and several others. 

The comprehensive plan is not a regulatory document. Rather than establishing rules or laws, the comprehensive plan maps out a path forward for the city that community leaders can consult to ensure the city is moving toward achieving its long-term goals.  

The process of updating the comprehensive plan, which is expected to take about a year, will give community members the opportunity to get involved in the plan’s development and help shape its contents including recommended projects and policies. Once adopted by the city council, the new plan will replace the City’s existing plan that has been in place since 2016.

The City of DeWitt is working with ECIA to develop the new comprehensive plan. This page will be used to share information and collect community feedback as the plan is being developed. Check back often for updates.